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holidays are sleeping days.

and when they're not spent sleeping, they're spent lepak-ing.Or something like that.

been back to Malacca and saw first hand how wild boars are slaughtered. found out that the 'playgrounds' are now gone. Went to eat chicken rice balls and couldn't contain excitement at finding out that 50 chicken rice balls and chicken meant for 5 people only cost me RM17.70. Washing and vacumming the car AND also getting its engine washed for only RM16. Ikan bakar for four for RM62. New puppies and dogs to get acquainted with.(puppies are damn cute!!!!!!!!i like!!) And a few other things which happened. Hmm.Life there is great wei. Standard of living is so bloody cheap. Wahahaha.Sweet.

More events coming up soon. Also an impending cruise is on the horizon.


ah lean, happi 21st!!!!!! You're legal now!! So happened your birthday fell on the same day as Jimmy's, my classmate who although his eyes are now open, he still can't talk or move.

sh ling

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!