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that makes it two weeks in a row...

that i've been back to Malacca.Last weekend the original plan was to do so to attend two weddings. Then it was to attend two weddings and a funeral. THEN there was no time so all we could do was to attend a wedding and a funeral.

Ah Fatt and Glady's wedding.

Yes, the penguin'sboyfriend's cousin got married. First time being in Renaissance Hotel in Malacca AND meeting most of the relatives on penguin'sboyfriend's father's side. Let's just say we saw some people in the most unlikely situation.

After that it was off to the funeral parlour for the wake, and then for char siew rice nearby the parlour.And later, clubbing at Pure Bar. *sigh*

The Funeral

I think it's kind of ironic that since i got to meet most of the penguin'sboyfriend's relatives from the father's side at the wedding, i got a chance to meet his relatives from his mum's side at the funeral. Talk about yin and yang, a balanced kinda thing, huh.

Christian funeral, nothing much to comment about it, just that there were loads of flowers. Pelbagai jenis and warna.

got loads of photos to show, but they are either in the penguin's boyfriend's or Donny's camera. (My two *coughcough photographers ehemcough*). Also went for Ujong Pasir's "high-tea", drove a MANUAL car to ah ying's place to pass her ONE measlyyummy onde-onde (and got myself and the car back to the penguin'sboyfriend's place in one piece, went to Malacca Club, timsum, saw the "Sleeping Buddha"(amazing i tell you!! *respect*) and more. *runs out of steam*


Things to do these few days:

1) renew passport for upcoming trip and next year
2) renew car road tax & insurance
3) sleep
4) bathe dog
5) more sleep
6) get presents

a less hectic life anyone?

ah ling

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