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valami amerika (a kind of america)

I <3 this show! it's showing now at GSC Mid V/ Gurney Plaza/ Penang for the EUFF (European Union Film Festival). If you happened to watch any of these shows and there was nudity/topless scenes/swear words, well, then you got your rm5's worth. Blame it on the censorship board's extremely inaccurate timing of cuts. Other than that what i can say about my job is that it rocks.Where else could i get paid EXTREMELY EXTREMELY well to watch movies?


in case i don't update, well, for those of you who don't already know i'll be going overseas from the 20th (monday) to the 26th(saturday). Hooray sexSun, sexSand and sexSangria!!!! No sex cos the penguin boyfriend is not following-lah.


As the penguinboyfriend said on Saturday, everyone is getting married. Damnit, what was more ironic was that when we at Coffeebean Mid V, there was a couple there with their wedding planner choosing colour coordinations and pictures. Bu I digress. Don't worry, I ain't getting married so soon anyway. Hooray freedom!! =.="""

okay, ta for now. For those taking their SPM, well good luck and God bless you!!
till then,

-ah ling-

P.S: I realise the tagboard is still down. I guess im too lazy to do anything about it for now, thus it renders you guys speechless!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHA...

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!