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"Shaken or stirred?"/ songs which should be banned at weddings

Muahahahha. The many perks of working behind the scenes in GSC. One of which was that i managed to watch Casino Royale on the day it came out. While the press were having their special screening, i was happily watching too. Also managed to catch "Frostbitten" better known as "Gigitan Sejuk Pontianak" according to the Malay subtitles.


Confirmed that the new car will be coming in January or so. My dad managed to "cut queue", or else we would have to wait till April next year. Rushed to buy so that mum can have her personalized number plate mah since "AFY" is coming out soon and "AFY" happens to be mum's initials, so she gets the new car. it's not what you know, it's who you know (<-- i learnt from the penguinboyfriend wan)


OMG, my engrish so very the mangled wan today hor.

But if you can't handle it then shoo. Crawl back to whichever hole you came out from.Get back in there sideways or upside down; honestly do i seem like i give a damn?


In lieu of a very special *ahemahemcoughcoughstares at donny ceiling donny cough* upcoming occasion, my entries till that special day will include ONE song which should NEVER be played at any wedding unless you wish to have the bottle of champagne broken over your head.

Today's song:

Joey Mcintyre - I Love You Came Too Late

Go google the lyrics and you'll understand why.


Also ah ling is supposed to wants to go to Cambodia for Xmas! the family is going! but i can't!!! Cos' it's presentation week!!!! *sobs* i guess i'll be spending Xmas with the penguin'sboyfriend's family again yah?Hooray presents!

Xmas,scmachxmas, let's get through November first.

ah ling

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!