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CREAMin' it

went to Cream @ Renaissance hotel on saturday nite ( actually by the time we reached there it was already 12am, so i guess it should be early sunday morning?)

the things we do.haih. Went to KLCC at 3.15 am. Of course there was no one around lar.Actually i turned into there cos i thought there would be a parking space around that area. Mana tau itu jalan menuju kepada KLCC lar.babi betul.
Anyway it was a'ight, since i managed to make an illegal u-turn without any cops seeing me.

But one of my favourite jacket's sleeve ( the right sleeve) kena Andrew punya bleach. KNN!! hahah don't feel too bad about it Andrew, it was unintentional anyway. And his jeans n shirt n white underwear prolly got it worse than my jacket.HAHAH!

Don't really know what to blog about now, all i can say is that yesterday was quite a good day, even though i had to go to work though all i wanted to do was to continue burrying myself under his blanket, hug him and resume sleeping.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!