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insomniac i am.

as the above states, i've been having trouble sleeping for the past 3 days. This is bad, considering that before all this shit happened, i'd be able to sleep effortlessly at any time of the day at all.

So what did Ah Ling do early this morning?

She got Shun and Feez ( thankx yah! ^_^) to help push her car away from the house so that there would be no danger of the 'rents hearing the car engine. Heading down roads as empty as her heart, she headed towards USJ and let herself into her '2nd home' but found the master bed room door bolted.

In the end i had to call him up ( he silenced my calls a few times before answering). i left my 2nd home at 5.30am, but by that time everything was alright. I'm sleepy now though =S


in case u've been isolated or are just not into shopping, well, the MNG sale is now on. So is Nine West ( everything there is 30% off).

My latest purchases :

1) MNG handbag ( blue)
2) Nine West handbag (pink)

so now i am broke again, but what the hell.Yay!


yesterday's job @ Templer Perangsang Golf & country club was a'ight. During the 8 hours of work all I and another girl ( MAS stewardess!! ) did was to drink, eat ( all paid for!), take a ride on the golf buggy and talk to Datuk Datuks.


i don't like going to the Coffee Bean @ One Utama anymore. Unless of course Abby ( Abbie?) or another of Darling's friend is working. Besides them the other staff there look and act as if they are wearing thongs which are too freakin' tight for them and cuts off their blood circulation or they are just PMS-ing ( they are fucking guys wei) or they just have ground coffee beans stuck up their asses.

Ordered Tropical passion tea, and it managed to get ruined. What the...!? Effed up,kan?


going to sleep now..*yawn*

P/S: in lieu of the current hot weather, i will shave hamsters for free!! Anyone interested?? * innocent innocent look*

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!