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the shopping ban has begun.

I'm hoping that by the time it's supposed to be over, the Nine West Sale would have begun. Yeah, I keep passing by, but there's no 'SALE' sign in the window. Damnit. Noticed that my 'baby' is not there anymore, which is a good thing, cos i wouldn't want to see it on discount..

Am currently torn between getting a Coach wristlet and another Nine West bags though..Found another nice wristlet in Aldo ( it's at the new phrase of One Utama) and it's around RM 170+. The Coach one should be around RM 200 + ( I like the Khaki coloured one!!) Why a wristlet? Cos' it's actually more practical to bring to wedding dinners. Heh. Why wedding dinners hor? Actually i can also bring it along while clubbing. And also while shopping.

Nonsense. I just like it. But there should be more wedding dinners for me to attend in the near future. Yeah lar, this is what happens when your partner is 7 years your senior, hence most of his friends getting married. AND since most of the wedding dinners will be in Kay Elle, that's pretty cool cos I get to wear all the black coloured clothes i want!!

Okay, can only decide when the shopping ban is over on the 14th of June. Damn.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!