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roadtrip no.2 and a "screaming bitch".

roadtrip no.2 commenced today after a breakfast of tim sum in Taman Paramount.

See, even way back when i was in primary school, our essays/karangan and even 'pembinaan ayat' or sentences composed used to revolve around ONE FREAKING place. A place where everydonkeybody could 'berkelah' (picnic) and 'bermain layang-layang' (fly kites, uh, it just sounds wrong, but anyway...) atttttttt........................................................................................*JENG JENG JENG!!!*...........

.......... Pantai Morib. =.=""""

Anyhoo(<--this is not a typo), our teachers lied to us. Morib Beach is so muddy okay. And there are lots of little crabs running around. (Pssstt...the crabs there are real stupid. I wished i had a bucket, i could have collected so many to eat play masak-masak with.

Lots of pictures again, they are in the penguin'sboyfriend's camera, as usual.

so basically, today's route:

KL - Klang - Banting - Morib Beach - Sepang - KL


well, stopped over at Sepang track to see the cars preparing for tomorrow's Merdeka Endurance Race. got into the pit, cos' security was really lax today.The penguin boyfriend was so happy, even though we were baking in the sun he didn't complain AT ALL. Yah, THAT HAPPY i tell you.

And there was a "Screaming bitch" there.

1) Question: Guess what car it was?
Answer : A Lamborghini Diablo.

2) Question: Why is it called a "screaming bitch"?
Answer : Because it "screams". The sound of it's engine is not unlike that of a
Formula 1's car, it is damn high-pitched, therefore the term
"screaming bitch".

Eugene, you should have been there. You would have loved it wei.

Also spotted at the track today : 2 lotus elises, a skyline, old porsche, satrias, loads of hondas (new civic included), an Evo, and a suzuki swift(wtf?!).

Let there be more "screaming bitches" tomorrow!!!!

a damn tired ah ling

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