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Xtreme Exposure

2 days off spread upon a weekend is never or seem to be enough for people who work on 5 days a week spread. In fact, before I can actually seep in all the goodness of the weekend and darn it, its over before I could feel the tension just going away.

Put it this way for easier translation.

Monday : Come any nearer, I swear I will bite!

Tuesday : Where am I and what’s my name?

Wednesday: I feel a fever coming, I foresee myself taking MC (Medical Leave or Minta Cuti)

Thursday: Dear God! Please come over and take me with you. Puuhhleeese!!!

Friday: Thank God it’s Friday. Woo Hoo!

Saturday: Wake up at 10am, feeling happy and all.

Sunday: by 6pm, Darn it, I’m going to work tomorrow. Let there be some tragedy, so there will be a public holiday. Damn Damn Damn!

So last night Sunday, lying down on bed, simply tired and all. Been rampaging thru my stuffs and setting my room all up. I decided to get crafty on my photo taking skills. It was really something I did not expect and imagine snapping all this on my Motorola RaZr V3x.

So here are the pictures and tell me what you think ok.

So you ready?

Are you ready?

Lets get it on!

20-08-06_0429 Picture 1 (Guess what this is)
Now isn't this a big piece of art? I find it extremely creative

20-08-06_0431 Picture 2 (Guess what this is)
This one was upclose and personal

Imagine what wonderful picture you can take from your phone. I love my macro shots. Takes really good pictures and quite fun too in playing.

Okay fine. I am just kidding okay. Its not real.

The first picture was my leg which is this :-

20-08-06_0430 My Leg... Hahahahaha!

The second picture was my fist which is:-

20-08-06_0432 My Fist!!! Hahahaha!

Have a good monday everyone.


*bangs head on wall*
they look damn real man!!

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