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Dragon Tiger Gate

Today I was having my supper; as usual the Illegal walk-in DVD seller approached me asking me to buy movies. Usually I would turn them down as I am pretty much not bothered to watch movies due to my so called hectic schedule that I am up against. I seriously did not know why I actually took the DVD’s and started browsing around looking for movies. I must be pretty bored to find entertainment like this since I shifted.

Well I happen to come across this movie called “Dragon Tiger Gate”. Well it seems most Asians are really anticipating in watching this movie. So here is my review about it. Seriously what I am about to say is the truth and honest opinion of myself towards the movie.

I seriously have to agree with Kenny Sia’s blog post on this. Its pretty much a Loreal commercial and also a Nokia Advert. Place situated in like some kampong place where everybody walks around. You pretty much don’t see any cars or anything but hey, They have handphones. All of them seem to use nokia handphones. Which is so strange to begin with but when the guys is injured, the girl carries them on a wheel cart and carries them to a mountain to get heal? Its absolutely BULLOCKS strange when you see this. Everything seems to be old but new in a certain kind of way.

The visual effects are very smooth I would say. The fighting skills are good but not as good as how you would see in a Jet Li production. It makes it look like they all have special powers. Maybe that’s why they show a comic pages flipping around. Could be one of those Chinese kung fu comics I believe so.

Let me not spoilt the whole story cause I want you guys to watch it too. So just to tell you, The moral of the story is “No matter what the shit is, Big Brother is there to settle it”



did u mean to say BOLLOCKS, donny? i've got this vision of a bullock cart slowly pushing its way by...

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