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i love road trips.

Especially inpromptu, on-the-spot ones.

*ecstastic happy happy joy joy*

Can you tell i went on one today?

Yeah.It was either go back to Malacca (but we were short of time), go to Morib Beach(where the heck it is, not one of us knew) or up to Genting. And so we visited Uncle Lim's man-made land of sin adult playground.

Up there for three hours and what did we do? We had Hainanese chicken rice and Starfucksbucks. And we cam-hoed. A lot. Providing free entertainment to the strangers sitting on the seats outside First World Plaza. You'll see what i mean if when i upload the pictures. Most of them are in the penguin'sboyfriend's camera anyway.

I love road trips.

The weekend is here and I can't enjoy it. Busy this weekend. Dang it. But you guys better make the most of it!! ^_^

ah ling

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