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belated post : lunch @ Sakae Sushi, The Curve.

today was going oh so well, till World War no.4395929 hell broke loose on the homefront. Ah well. Life goes on.


well, the penguinboyfriend and i went to the Curve.Initially we were headed for Kim Gary, but somehow or rather, we ended up in Sakae Sushi.(in case you don't know about that place, well, you get to order your food at a screen which is available at every booth, send the order via that screen to the kitchen and they send the food to you!! Their salmon sushi is also CHEAP!! as in rm 1.90 for TWO pieces.)

Some of the food we ordered:

The blurpenguin boyfriend goes "Huh?"

*pictures taken with Motorola RAZR V3X*

P.S: Okay. This was supposed to be posted up on the 9th August, but blogger was PMS-ing then, same as me. But we're both fine now -__-"

Muah muah,

ah ling

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