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shared blogs.

okay, sharing is caring (ignore the pun please). Right? Right.

My extremely overdue account of my experiences of shared blogs.

1) Way back in 2004(or was it 2003?), I started a shared blog with the ex-boyfriend.
i've forgotten that blog's url, so it's prolly still somewhere around in cyberspace, or else blogspot has deleted it. Towards the end of our relationship, we started using that blog as a common battleground. When we broke up in January 2005, there went that blog. (End of story number 1)

2) a few months ago, ah Drew and i also had a shared blog. After a while both of us just got tired of crapping there i guess. But since we talk kok everytime we meet (the latest being today), our friendship is still there. So is the blog, by the way. (End of story number 2)

3) And now Donny is "sharing" my blog and i'm sort of "sharing" his. (End of story number 3)

okay, hahah. Now you all know the story of my experiences with "shared" blogs.


On why my current blog's url is : www.pickmeuphere.blogspot.com

After breaking up in early January 05', i was one heck of a bitter person. Jaded, burnt, suicidal even(<-- i very emo - lah). After one month or so of crying everyday (a few times a day even!!), i begun to warm up to the idea of being single and staying single. Heck, i even loved it okay. Freedom being the keyword here. Hence the url :www.PICKMEUPHERE.blogspot.com. When i started this blog in February 2005 (see my archives - lah!!), i was still enjoying being single.

What i did NOT know was that sometime towards the end of February, i had already met the penguin boyfriend. i even got molested by a freakin' clown on the same day =.="

Fast forward to the next month (March) and we got together,thus ending my freedom single days. And we've been together ever since. And i hope that this will last forever. Even though sometimes I bug Jamie for a 'refund', and she tells me that he is mine to keep until he expires. Hahah! -__-""

But for me, my story is not over yet (wanna eat my wedding cake soon, anyone?MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH) cos' hopefully in less than a year's time i'll most probably end up in UK (and hopefully in australia after that for GOOD.) Okay, storytime's over. Now you know a little bit more about my shared blogs and me.

ah ling

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