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Guang Liang - Tong Hua

I have forgotten how long was it,
Since I last heard you,
Telling me your favorite story,
I have been thinking for a very long time,
Im beginning to feel paranoid,
Did I make any mistakes again?
You came and tell me with the tears inyour eyes,
That fairytales are all lies,
Its impossible for me to be your princecharming,
Maybe you will not understand,
After the moment when you said you loved me,
The stars in my sky, are beginning to shine and shimmer.
Im willing to be, the angel you love,
In the fairytales,
Open my arms wide,
And let it become wings, to protect you,
You have to believe,
Believe that we will be like the fairytale,
With happiness and joy as the ending.
Everything is our beautiful ending


yay! i got the translation from the bulletin board of Friendster..


Jon, let's meet on Lang Tengah island? MUAhahahahhaah. At least you're flying there, i'll be warming the damn bus seat for 6?7? hours. Thank god i'm flying back though. Give me a call on the 22nd, i think we can meet at the jetty or something.
WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. This is so sad. Oh well.

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