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Blogger's Choice Awards - Vote today!


People are constantly reminded to exercise their rights by voting. Voting for the government whom they wish to run the country, their favourite singer whom they wish to win a specific competition, beauty queens to grab the title of beauty pageants, vote for people to be kicked out of competitions, and so on. Life is all about choices nowadays, and we can make a difference by voting.

And that is the whole point. And now, the option of voting is extended to bloggers, because here comes the Blogger's Choice Awards!!! *throws confetti* From now until end of March, anyone, yes, anyone and not just bloggers, are able to vote for their favourite blogs in a wide variety of categories. Categories which are included are Best Shopping Blog, Best Animal Blogger (where animals 'blog'.Interesting.Never knew these sites existed.), Best Celebrity Blogger and Most Obnoxious Blogger. And these are just a few categories available to vote in.

If you don't see your blog, or even a blog which you feel is worthy of mention and should get an award in the
blog awards list, feel free to nominate yourself or the blogger. However, in order to do that you would have to create and account first.

Just like in any other voting event/election/award selection, please do remember that your vote does indeed count as in this case, you will be helping a blogger make his or her mark in the blogosphere by allowing the particular blog to leave an impact in the virtual world online. Remember, as I said earlier, anyone can vote or nominate a blogger. Did I mention that all the winners will be announced on June the 2nd at the PostieCon in Orlando, Florida? You have to start voting now to make your vote count though. Quickly. Before voting is over.


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